Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center

USC robotics researchers engage in numerous outreach activities, both collectively and as individual labs.


Annual USC Robotics Open House

RASC hosts the annual USC Robotics Open House during the US National Robotics Week. The event has taken place annually since 2010 and draws between 1000 to 2000 visitors from the local area. Our visitors are primarily K-12 students and their families, as well as representatives from businesses and members of the general public. Information about the upcoming Robotics Open House can be found here. To avoid crowding, school groups should sign up as per the posted procedure.


RASC Robotics Lab Tours

Currently, tours are not centrally coordinated. To arrange for a tour of one or more of the RASC labs, please contact the lab PIs directly. For a list of RASC labs, please look here.


Interaction Lab Outreach

The Interaction Lab has its own outreach program, including curriculum materials for K-12 teachers, which can be found here.

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