We created a robotics platform by combining the iRobot Create with the Android Nexus phone. In a nutshell, Android Phone + Create = Powerful mobile robot platform. This was done by Sebastian Goodman and Gokul Ramachandran as a course project for CSCI 546

Here are 2 demo videos:

1) IRobot Create controlled by Google Nexus phone as steering

2) Google Nexus phone camera mounted on an iRobot Create.

  • iRobot Create an inexpensive robotics platform
    • Has odometry, cliff, bump, and IR sensors
  • Lacks crucial sensors
    • No accelerometer
    • No camera
    • No GPS
  • Lacks communication facilities
    • No WiFi
  • Lacks intuitive programming interface

The Idea
  • Android phone
    • Has the missing sensor modalities (accelerometer, camera)
    • Has communication facilities (WiFi)
    • Has convenient programmer interface (Java-based development)
  • Combine phone with iRobot Create for a robotics platform
    • Powerful
    • Many sensor modalities
    • Inexpensive
    • Easy to develop for

1. Sebastian Goodman
2. Gokul Ramachandran