Akash P. Metawala

Akash P. Metawala

A quick learner and an enthusiastic team player I like to take up projects and get things done in an orderly and finished fashion.

I am currently working on project "Jimmy", a humanoid character robot. The project is run by the Interaction Lab (Robotics) at University of Southern California under the guidance of Ross Mead with the complete supervision of Prof. Maja Mataric.

I like to describe myself as a adventurous person with hobbies which include sky diving, bungee jumping, hiking, swimming. Being in pressure situations and tackling projects as a team have helped me learn a lot about various task completing scenarios and have prepared me for many more that might come ahead.

My Profile

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My projects include:
1. Intelligent Transportation System using LabVIEW
2. Control Architecture design for Constrained Lab operation
3. Two wheel Self-Balancing Vehicle - Segway
4. Visible light as an alternative to wireless radio communication
I have authored and co-authored a few papers based on the projects that I have worked on. These papers give a detailed explaination of the research progess and testing sucessess made by me and my group on the projects that we have worked. The papers have been pulished with IEEE Xplore and journals like International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology (IJCTE).
My past experiences include:
1. Student Research Worker, Larsen & Toubro Technology, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
2. Teaching Assistant, Stupidsid, Privately Held; Education Management industry.
3. Intern, AurionPro Solutions; Information Technology and Services industry.
4. Vice-Chairperson (Events, Robotics, Technical), Pulse 2011 (DJSCOE Tech-Fest).
Programming Skills: Arduino IDE, C++, C, HTML, CSS.
Application: LabVIEW (Certification), MATLAB, Proteus PCB design and simulation, Eagle PCB design, ROS, Eclipse, Adobe Dreamweaver.
Interests: Control Systems, Automation, Robotics, Human-Machine Interactions, LabView Programming, Entrepreneur Research.

Get in Touch

I would be glad to answer any of the questions that you might have about me. Please feel free to send me a mail if there is anything that you want to discuss with me.


2652, Ellendale Place,
Apartment No: 2,
Los Angeles, CA - 90007.
Telephone:+1 213 910 9949
E-mail: metawala@usc.edu
Skype: @akashmetawala