Some info about the USC CS PhD Admissions Process

In the USC Computer Science Department, PhD admissions are done by having students apply to the Computer Science Department, and then a subset of qualified applicants is chosen by the admissions committee. Only after students are accepted and ranked, faculty can contact them about doing research together. Note that individual faculty do not decide who is accepted, the admissions committee does.

Therefore, if you are interested in our PhD program, we strongly recommend that you apply through the regular channels. If you are interested in a particular branch of research or a particular faculty member, you can specify that in your application. Only if you have highly relevant past training and/or research experience is it possibly useful to contact a faculty member for information/discussion before you have been accepted into the program, but you will have to apply and be accepted, as described above, before any formal arrangements can be made.

The above information applies to PhD students. MS students are usually taking courses full-time, not doing research, and are not funded by faculty. They are expected to fund their own degree programs. For further information about the Computer Science Department admissions, go to the admissions Web page.

To check the status of your application, contact the admissions administrators, whose contact information is available on the admissions Web page.