How to Prepare a Project Proposal

Putting together a concise but thoroughly thought-out project proposal is a standard part of research. This process will help you clarify your project plan. Start this early and plan on iterative refinement; this is not something to be done the night before the proposal is due.

The project proposal must be:
1) typed
2) written in technical language
3) between one and two pages long, no more
4) turned in at the beginning of class on the due date

The project proposal must include:

  • names and email addresses of all contributors: who will do this; include all participants even if some are outside of the class
  • project title: what is it called; be concise and informative
  • brief project motivation: why is this project worth doing; this needs to tie into what has been or will be covered in the class
  • brief project goals; what will be done; cover what you plan to achieve in terms of high-level goals as well as specific demonstrations
  • brief description of the intended approach; how it will be done; this needs to relate to the concepts about robot control approaches and architectures, as well as problem domains we have learned in class
  • project test bed; what will it be done with/on; be specific on what platform you will use, what sensors, what actuators
  • evaluation; how will the results be evaluated; give details of what experiments you plan to perform in order to test what and how
  • milestones; a set of specific goals and estimated dates of achievement through the semester, ending with the final project demo and report

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