Information on Mobile Robot Simulators

Information on Selected (Mobile Robot) Simulators

Stage is a public domain, scaleable multiple robot simulator; it simulates a population of mobile robots moving in and sensing a two-dimensional bitmapped environment, controlled through Player. Stage provides virtual Player robots which interact with simulated rather than physical devices. Various sensor models are provided, including sonar, scanning laser rangefinder, pan-tilt-zoom camera with color blob detection and odometry. Whether using the simulator or real robots, the client control program is always talking to Player, so little or no changes are required to move from simulation to hardware (and back). Several controllers designed in Stage have been demonstrated to work on real robots. Stage was developed at the USC Robotics Lab.

Public domain software package of a mobile robot Khepera simulator written by Olivier Michel. You can program the simulated robot in C or C++, then test it in a simulated environment using the X11 graphical interface on a Unix system.

Public domain software for the official RoboCup robot soccer simulator. The page is full of useful information. People who definitely do not want to use physical robots can use this simulation to explore issues of multi-agent coordination, cooperation, and learning for the course project.

Public domain software for a Java-based soccer simulation called JavaSoccer or JavaBots, written by Tucker Balch.

Public domain multi-agent/robot mission specification and simulation software developed at Georgia Institute of Technology.

A multi-agent Web site with various available simulators.

A public domain Lisp-based simulation of Valentino Braitenberg's Vehicles.

Public domain software for XRaptor, a multi-agent simulation tool. Also available by ftp from here.

The ZEUS Agent-Building Tool Kit.

Several public domain, unsupported NASA Space Telerobotics Program simulators. If that does not get you there, try going to the NASA Space Telerobotics Program Home Page and click on "Robot Tools."

COSIMIR, a simulator of various robot manipulators as well as mobile robots. For examples, see a forklift and a floor sweeper. Note: this is a commercial product, not public domain software.

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