Information on Robot Kits

Information on Selected Robot Kits

The LEGO Mindstorms home page.

The Evolution Robotics home page.

The Mondo-tronics Robot Store. Go to "Robot Store Web Order Catalog" then go to "Programmable Robots"; the others may be cool but cannot be programmed and cannot have sensors added to them. Also check out "Wheeled Platforms".

Johuco Ltd. Four different cheap, versatile, and programmable robot kits by Jonathan Connell.

Information on implementing a neural controller for a mobile robot by using a robot kit, by Jonathan Connell (Johuco, Ltd.)

Information on designing behavior-based robots , tied into a robot kit, by Jonathan Connell (Johuco, Ltd.).

Information on Lynxmotion , a series of inexpensive mobile robot, manipulator and sensor kits .

Information on the Trilobot. Information on the Rug Warrior , the robot kit that comes with a book: "Mobile Robots, Inspiration to Implementation" by J. L. Jones and A. M. Flynn, published by A. K. Peters, MA. Rug warrior technical information is also available, including schematics, etc. Rug Warrior kits are quite popular so you can find people who have used them to implement interesting robots. For example see Franz, implemented by Francois Michaud.

For information on obtaining the LEGO kits and Handy boards, used in various courses around the nation (including CSCI 445 at USC), look at the distributors' Web pages: PITSCO and Gleason Electronics, or email Handy board expansion boards are now also available.

Information on KIPR, the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics.

All Electronics, a source of affordable sensors and other components. LA store: (213) 380-8000.

Diversified Enterprises Web page with educational and robot kit information.

The IEEE Computer Society Web page with links to "Stiquito: advanced experiments with a simple and inexpensie robot" textbook and kit by J. Conrad and J. Mills.

Information on various books on robotics, as well as other hobbyist info.

Information on various controllers, IR sensors and IR commucations is found at the Rentron site.

Wireless (RF, modems, etc) communications, IR sensors, etc.

More wireless communications.

Information about Living Machines, a robot company (formerly called Diversified Enterprises). Robot kits, controllers, sensors, etc at Hobbyrobot.

The Cye robot and info.

Arobot platform and associated info.

Info on microcontrollers.

Info for hobby roboticists found here.

Info about the Wany Robotics Pekee wireless mobile robot (in PDF, 1.0 MB) is found here, and information about their IR8s distance measurement toolkit (in PDF, 123 KB), is found here.

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