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Maja J Matarić

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This continually-expending site provides resources for:

  • readers of the Robotics Primer
  • K-12/pre-university teachers of robotics in and out of school
  • university educators teaching robotics
  • robotics hobbyists
  • anybody interested in learning about robotics.


    The Robotics Primer by Maja Matarić is a broadly accessible introduction to robotics textbook published by MIT Press. Price: $30.00, paperback. ISBN-10: 0-262-63354-X, ISBN-13: 978-0-262-63354-3.

    For the official MIT Press book site, click here.

    For the Primer's table of contents, click here.

    TheThe Robotics Primer has sold over 1,500 copies in its first 5 months and is in its 2nd printing.

    For an informal video about TheThe Robotics Primer, its author, and trends in robotics, narrated by the author, click here.
    Another place to see the video is in the MIT Press Log, here.


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    The Robotics Primer comes with a robot programming workbook, freely available on the web, on The workbook includes detailed programming exercises and solutions, covering the book's table of contents. The workbook is found here. The book and the workbook are stand-alone resources, but are designed to supplement each other.

    NOTE: The hosting site for the Roboticsprimer Workbook ( is currently experiencing problems. While we update the Workbook to address these problems, the current Workbook may not function properly. We expect to have the Workbook fully updated by December 1st, 2008 at the latest. After that, the site should function as it did before. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    Here is a university Introduction to Robotics course whose syllabus is based on the book. In fact, The Robotics Primer is based on the orignal lecture notes from that course, which the author designed and and has been taught at USC since 1998.


    I have had the opportunity to be involved with various K-12 outreach activities over the years, and have been posting all developed materials on the web for free distribution. My research group, the Interaction Lab maintains a web site of robotics resources for K-12 educators, found here.

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