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   Room 426, Ronald Tutor Hall
   3710 S. McClintock Avenue
   Los Angeles, CA 90089-2900
   Ph: (213) 740 7288

I am in the process of graduating from the doctoral program in computer science at the University of Southern California, affiliated with the Robotic Embedded Systems Laboratory. Professor Gaurav Sukhatme is my Ph.D. advisor.

My dissertation is on data-driven robotic sampling for marine ecosystem monitoring, carried out in collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). I've examined detection, tracking, and sampling of plankton blooms in the coastal ocean using autonomous under robots. Recent field experiments have been on robotic collection of physical water samples for onshore morphological and molecular analysis. Sampling for ex-situ analysis is critical to the understanding of plankton ecology since sensors onboard robots have limitations. State-of-the art machine learning techniques allow collection of water samples rich in specific kind of plankton in a principled manner, using probabilistic predictive models onboard the robot, trained on previously collected data.

In the past, I designed and deployed the first prototype of an Oceanographic Decision Support System, used actively by scientists to monitor fielded assets 1. For my Masters thesis at USC, I developed a prototype Benthic Robotic Sentinel 2.

Before joining graduate school, I was a software developer at ThoughtWorks Technologies.

Panorama of Moss Landing, CA