Robotic Sensor Networks: Principles and Practice
Workshop (W2) at Robotics Science and Systems 2007
June 30, 2007 (0830 - 1600)
Organizers: Gaurav S. Sukhatme and Wolfram Burgard
Session I: 0830-1030
0830-0850 Sensor Selection and Placement for Robotic Sensor Networks Volkan Isler
0850-0910 Case Studies in Algorithmic Coordination Francesco Bullo
0910-0930 Coalescence: The Price of Losing Connectivity Sameera Poduri and Gaurav S. Sukhatme
0930-0950 Multi-robot Belief Propagation Chad Jenkins and Jonas Schwertfeger
0950-1010 Stochastic Policies for Deployment of a Robot Swarm between Multiple Sites with Applications to Urban Surveillance Spring Berman, Adam Halasz, Ani Hsieh, Vijay Kumar
Discussion: 1010-1030
Panelists: Isler, Bullo, Poduri, Jenkins, and Berman
Break: 1030-1100
Session II: 1100-1300
1100-1120 Roadmap Based Navigation Strategies for Sensor Networks Burchan Bayazit
1120-1140 Low Complexity Robotic Motion for High Resolution Sensing Aman Kansal
1140-1200 Mapping and Exploration using an Aquatic Robotic Sensor Network: A Sampling Design Problem Bin Zhang and Gaurav S. Sukhatme
1200-1220 Naturally Mobile Sensor Networks in Water Bodies Ajay Deshpande and Daniela Rus
1220-1240 Cooperative Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Network for Ocean Sampling: Experimental Results from an at-sea Demonstration in the Monterey Bay Derek Paley and Naomi Leonard
Discussion: 1240-1300
Panelists: Bayazit, Kansal, Sukhatme, Deshpande, Paley
Lunch: 1300-1400
Session III: 1400-1600
1400-1420 Cooperative Multi-Robot Exploration Cyrill Stachniss
1420-1440 Multirobot Behaviors for Perimeter Surveillance Ani Hsieh, Savvas Loizou and Vijay Kumar
1440-1500 Human-assisted Robotic Team Campaigns for Environmental Monitoring Amarjeet Singh et al
1500-1520 Collaborative Observatory for Natural Environments Dezhen Song
1520-1540 Infrastructure-supported Mobile Systems for Environmental Applications Michael Stealey et al
Discussion: 1540-1600
Panelists: Stachniss, Hsieh, Singh, Song, Stealey