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Notes to Prospective Students

If you are interested in working with me please read the following carefully. Due to the large volume of email I receive from prospective students, I don't have time to respond to most email individually. Thus if you send me unsolicited email with questions that are answered below, I regret that I will not be able to reply.

  • If you are considering USC's graduate program as a MS or PhD student, I encourage you to apply. However I don't make admission decisions. They are made by the admissions committee. Please apply directly to the university and the department (follow directions). Please don't contact me directly about admissions questions. I will ignore all such emails.
  • If you are a prospective graduate student and you have some prior background in robotics (courses, projects etc.) then send me a brief email in plain text about yourself, your research interests and so on. Don't send me any attachments - I don't read them.
  • If you've received an offer of admission from USC to either the CS or EE PhD programs and you have indicated clearly in your statement of purpose that you want to work in robotics, then I probably already know who you are. I will contact you directly if I am interested in offering you a position in my group. If you don't hear from me and its been more than 4 weeks since you received your admission offer, please send me a brief email in plain text.
  • If you've received an offer of admission to the CS or EE MS programs, the only way to work with me is to enroll in robotics courses and do very well. I will consider your application at that time.

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