Welcome to CS 546 in Spring 2011. All students are expected to attend the first class meeting so we can get off to a timely start.


Intelligent embedded systems is a graduate-level hands on class to introduce students to algorithms for mobile sensing on modern smart phones (based on Android). The emphasis is on mobile sensing applications that make use of the sensing diversity on phones today. A significant portion of the class is a semester-long project that accounts for 40% of the grade. The class is designed primarily for MS and PhD students from the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments at USC. The formal prerequisites for the class are graduate standing and instructor consent. It is expected that students with a relatively mature programming background will enroll in the class.

Previous editions of the class were taught using diverse embedded systems as experimental and project test-beds (e.g., xscale-based sensor networking boxes from a local startup, iPaq PDAs etc.) In Spring 2009, the class was restructured to focus on next-generation cell phones (based on Android) and body-area sensor networks. Students work in teams of 4 on their projects. This page (the 2011 edition) owes its existence to the 2010 edition developed by Dr. Sameera Poduri.

Class Meeting Time: Monday, 2:00 - 4:50 p.m.

Location: RTH 406 KAP158

Class mailing list: cs546usc-s11 at googlegroups dot com (to join the list, contact the TA)


Prof. Gaurav S. Sukhatme
RTH 405
Office Hours: by appointment
gaurav at usc dot edu

Harshvardhan Vathsangam
RTH 423/406
Office Hours: Wednesday 10-12 in RTH 406
vathsang at usc dot edu
Ankit Sharma
RTH 423/406
Office Hours: Wednesday 10-12 and Monday from 12-2 in RTH 406
ankit at usc dot edu

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