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Experiment Design for Real-World Systems
AAAI Spring 2009 Symposium, March 23-25
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
As more artificial intelligence (AI) research is fielded in real-world applications, the evaluation of systems designed for human-machine interaction becomes critical. AI research often intersects with other areas of study, including human-robot interaction, human-computer interaction, assistive technology, and ethics. Designing experiments to test hypotheses at the intersections of multiple research fields can be incredibly challenging. Many commonalities and differences already exist in experimental design for real-world systems. For example, the fields of human-robot interaction and human-computer interaction are two fields that have both joint and discrete goals. They look to evaluate very different aspects of design, interface, and interaction. In some instances, these two fields can share aspects of experimental design, while, in others, the experimental design must be fundamentally different.
We will provide a forum for researchers from many disciplines to discuss experiment design and the evaluation of real-world systems. We invite researchers from all applicable fields of human-machine interaction. We also invite researchers from allied fields, such as psychology, anthropology, design, human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction, rehabilitation and clinical care, assistive technology, and other related disciplines.
This symposium will focus on a wide variety of topics that address the challenges of experiment design for real-world systems including:
Format and Submissions
We will have a mix of invited speakers, short presentations, and break-out groups. We will also have a poster session. We invite abstract submissions (less than 3 pages) on experiments conducted during their research, focused on the experimental methodology, especially those with unusual and effective methodologies for consideration as short presentations or posters.
Important Dates
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