Christopher Hernandez

About me My name is Chris and I'm a student at Bravo Medical magnet. I am currently in 12th grade. I am in a program called EHA which stands for "Engineering for Health Academy".At the end of my school day i work with Amin in the USC Interaction Lab under the advisement of Prof. Maja J Mataric.
EHA The purpose of the EHA program is to bring students closer to the engineering field. This program is a three year course that begins in tenth grade. During the first year students take a chemistry course;during the second they take a computer science class and a physiology class;during the third year the students may take an optional physics class and they participate at a lab at USC and HSC campuses.
Interaction Lab The Interaction Lab works on finding a way to create a synergism between humans and robots. The goal of this lab is to create robots that can assist humans on everyday activites and to help people that may have defficiencies. There are other projects within the interaction lab. I help Amin with his work on PATRICIA which stands for Personal Affective Therapist for Rehabilitation of Individuals with Cognitive ImpAirments. For information about this project click here.
Contact info Email: Syn10316 [at] gmail [dot] com
Cell Phone: (213)590-2097