About Me

I am a Master's Student at the Viterbi School of Engineering, pursuing my Master's in Electrical Engineering specializing in Control Systems. I am in my second semester, and my registered courses can be found here.



Aditya Bhatter Resume

At the Interactions Lab

I am a Graduate Student Volunteer at the Interactions Lab working on "Jimmie" the Humanoid Robot under Ross Mead and guidance of Prof. Maja Mataric. Jimmie is roughly 20 inches(.5 meters) tall, and is a creation of Intel. All the parts of the robot are obtained using a 3-D printer. The current focus is to allow the robot to capture pictures through the cameras (which are the eye) and upload it to a social media site like Twitter.

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Apart from working at the lab and attending classes, I play cricket at the Cromwell Cricket League here at USC. I am also fond of Tennis and Soccer.

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