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About Me

Arvind_NewI am currently a senior software engineer (R&D) at Clover Network Inc in Mountain View, CA. I graduated with a PhD in Computer Science in December 2013 from the University of Southern California (USC). Earlier, I got my Masters in Electrical Engineering at the Viterbi school of Engineering, USC. I have worked at the National Institute of Oceanography in India as a Research Fellow before coming to USC. I come from the beautiful state of Goa in India.

My research involves the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in making autonomous robots behave more intelligently. Although I have worked more with aquatic robots; a substantial part of my research is also applicable to a much more general class of robotics and AI. I’m motivated toward applying my core-expertise toward building more intelligent products (robotic/mobile/cloud-based systems).

My areas of interest are robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning.