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MAYA – India’s first Indigenously developed Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

MAYA during its first water test in 2005

I was lucky to play a key role in the development of Maya AUV, India’s first Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. I was the lead software developer and also designed some of the electronics for the vehicle’s control and sensing systems.

In this picture, Pramod and I are busy testing the AUV control software I had written, before we started the Gantry tests in 2004. Four years later (in the summer of 2008) when I visited ISR in Portugal, I had a chance to look at the source code for Maya again and found (to my delight) that much of the code was still the same as that  written by me before I left NIO in 2005. It must have worked quite well to have lasted through the lifetime of the project (2003 – 2007) even though I had only been involved in it during the first 2 years of development. (L-R): Shivanand Prabhudesai, Pramod Maurya, Arvind Pereira (me) and Dr. Elgar de Sa. On the table is the main hull of the Maya AUV, and the Maxon motor controller as well as CAN rudder/fin actuator nodes. The goal of these gantry tests were to help analyze the control code on the vehicle.

Gantry tests with Maya’s hull suspended were conducted at the NIO workshop, during Luis Sebastiao’s visit from ISR, Portugal. (L-R): Antonio Mascarenhas, Dr. Elgar de Sa, Arvind Pereira (myself), Pramod Maurya, Gajanand Navelkar and Luis Sebastiao.

Early Maya AUV development team

One of the earliest pictures of the team that was actively working on the AUV at the time (L-R): R. Madhan, Arvind Pereira (myself), Abhijit Tamba, Dr. Elgar de Sa, Matthew, Shivanand Prabhudesai, Madhu Pankaj, Pramod K. Maurya, Antonio Mascarenhas. We are missing Dr. Ehrlich Desa (the director of NIO at the time), R.G. Prabhudesai (the head of the dept.), Gajanand Navelkar and Sanjeevan Afzulpurkar.

This project was funded by the Department of Information Technology, New Delhi, India. MAYA—the smart AUV was a project at the National Institute of Oceanography, which is India’s premier Oceanographic Institute, where I worked for 3 years before coming to the US to pursue my further studies at USC.

MAYA is a collaborative project with the Institute for Systems and Robotics at the Instituto Superioro Technico (IST) in Lisbon, Portugal. While working at NIO on this project I was involved in various facets of MAYA’s development including the design of several versions of rudder/fin actuator nodes (some of which are still being used on the present vehicle). I wrote most of the early navigation, guidance and control software that ran on the AUV’s Linux-based PC-104 Computer for control of the AUV in the horizontal plane and navigation including dead-reckoning from sensor data. I also developed a control interface that allowed a laptop to control, load missions and monitor the AUV’s status over a wireless radio link.

(Softwares and Languages used: Visual C++ 6.0, GCC, Keil C, CCS-C,HiTech PICC, MicroSim SPICE analysis tool and Dynamic C, National Instruments Lab View 7, MATLAB)

(Hardware Platforms : PC (running Windows and Linux Operating Systems), PC-104, Rabbit Semiconductors, Microchip PICs)

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