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Cooperative Control of Multiple Marine Vehicles (GREX)

GREX was an EU project which worked toward finding solutions for large and heterogenous underwater robots to work with each other while being able to leverage their own special capabilities. The idea was to develop estimation and control algorithms, and middle-ware that enable this to happen. Every vehicle exposes its own capabilities through a GREX module called the GREX Interface Module which allows it to be included in the team of cooperating vehicles. GREX also provides team navigation (state-estimation for each vehicle), team-cooperation (distributed control for each vehicle) as which include algorithms that allow teams of AUVs and ASVs to work together. Communication between vehicles was done through a single Communication module which could use any available communication means (wireless or acoustic) to share commands and data between participating vehicles in the GREX team.


I wrote the GREX Interface Module for the ISR DelfimX catamaran which helps this Autonomous Surface Vehicle interact with higher-level multi-robot planning and control modules using which complex multi-robot tasks can be performed.

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I spent the summer of 2008, on this fun and interesting project, which tested my abilities to work in a large development team involving engineers from over 6 countries including Germany, Portugal, U.K., France, Italy and Bulgaria. I had to be very quick at understanding the project, the tasks required, work with existing code-bases and other team members some of who worked from other countries.

We published our findings in MCMC and Oceans 2009.

Development was done in Visual C++ .NET and Matlab. Source control was done using a centralized SVN repository hosted at TUI, Germany, while I worked from Lisbon, Portugal.

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