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Glider Communication System

Slocum glider communication methodology. We use a Linux-based computer in the glider to communicate with shore-based infrastructure, such that the gliders can avoid using satellite communication. These base-stations relay information to the central glider control server as well as send commands back to the glider


Not too long ago, Hordur Heidarsson and I developed a Freewave network to enable us to retask gliders. This network will also bring down the operational costs for gliders. We have been able to use a Gumstix to act as a supervisor to the glider’s built-in computer. The first paper describing this system was our FSR paper in 2009.

Here’s a video of one of our gliders in action at the time when we were testing our communication system.

I am interested in using the added intelligence (due to the additional computing power onboard the glider for communication) to not only improve communication, but to also help give the glider improved autonomy capabilities in terms of sending data back and forth.

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