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VIM – dependable, light, everywhere…

VIM albeit having a learning curve, is a sturdy editor on Linux/Unix platforms.

In this post I will put small nuggets of useful VIM tricks starting with one that I’ve found very useful when having to deal with files that my friends who use Windows computers edit. Windows uses ‘\r\n’ for line-ends, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for certain scripts that think a ‘\n’ was sufficient. Here’s how to remove all the new-line characters:

To remove the annoying ^M characters which are actually \r\n on windows or Mac files type the following in VIM in command mode:

These days I use Eclipse as my primary editor for large projects, while I use Vim for small editing jobs or when I’m writing code directly on Linux powered micro-controllers like the Gumstix. Minimal edit settings which I always have on the full-featured vim editor are:


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