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Unix find… Pretty useful if you ‘find’ out how to use it!

find and command
– is a very useful command. We can use it to search for files based on modification time, size, names etc. It can then be used to execute a command based upon its’ results by causing the execution of a builtin unix command such as rm etc.

The command above, finds all files with zero size and deletes them.

And this one above, finds all file in the current directory which were modified after FileX and moves them to directory DirY.

The command above lists all the files in the current directory in a sorted list (size-wise)

Yet another very useful command is command (yes, what did you think?). It is great to check if there is an executable command in your path – super useful for situations when you need to conditionally execute something in a bash script for example.

Heres how I have used it to check for Doxygen in my tutorial on using Setuptools with Boost Python:


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