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Using ImageMagick/FFmpeg to create movies from images

ImageMagick is an image manipulation software suite that has grown into a very capable multi-platform utility with support for almost every image format and lots of interfaces to programming languages you may use. ImageMagick can be used to create movies (although I’m not happy with the clarity of those I’ve been able to create with it).

Assuming you have a set of images in a folder “pngs”. To convert these into a mp4 using ImageMagick we could do:

A better option is to use ffmpeg which is “a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.”

The way to create a movie using ffmpeg is to first create each of these files with names like 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg,… etc (ensuring that none of the intermediate files are missing).

If you need to rename the files the following python script I’ve written may be useful to create the movie.

This will take png files from myPngs, first convert them to jpg file using ImageMagick’s convert storing the files in the directory myJpgs, and then it creates the movie myMovie.mp4 using the converted jpg files. Dependencies are ImageMagick, ffmpeg and Python.

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