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Object Oriented Matlab code

Matlab has allowed creation of objects such that one can write data in an object oriented fashion for a while now. There are times when it is useful to write a class instead of a bunch of functions – it keeps the functions that operate on data conceptually in the same place. While the object-oriented behavior in Matlab is fairly primitive, it does allow sufficient functionality at a basic level to make this feature very useful. For more information on how to write object oriented Matlab code, look here.

Heres a simple example of a map object created using Matlab:

Notice that “obj” is used to refer to the object (much like a self in Python orĀ this in C++). Class data members are referred to as “properties” and can have classifications such as Constant or be private or read only and so on. Class methods (member functions) are called “methods”.

To create/use an object of the type created above, we could do something like:

What we achieve by creating the class is the ability to keep all the methods which conceptually operate on a particular data-structure in the same file – which makes the code much easier to maintain than if we have to create a lot of separate m-files each of which is a function that performs some function on that data. The latter process usually results in a large collection of files, which quickly become un-manageable.

By taking advantage of object-oriented programming we can keep our code simpler and much easier to read, work-with and maintain.

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