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HeHaPe off Catalina

There are several tools which I have come across (and developed) which might prove to be useful to anyone who works with Slocum gliders. Teledyne Webb manufactures these gliders and they have some information about the gliders on their website.

Teledyne Webb Research recently started a Slocum Glider user forum which can be reached at this link.

Rutgers University has the largest fleet of Slocum gliders and they have been kind enough to make many of their resources available online. One of the more useful resources for anyone who wants to have fine-grained control in writing glider mission files is the searchable masterdata file.

At USC my colleague Hordur developed a mafile parser.

For those who use Apple Macbooks (like me), and have been missing out on being able to process Glider data directly on our Macs, I managed to modify the Linux version of Webb’s glider data processing code to compile and run on a Mac. You can download it here. All you should need to do is to download, untar and then make, make install.

I have also written a bunch of tools which allow for automated glider mission file creation and sanity-checking these files. I am still sanity-checking this code myself and will make it available as and when I feel confident enough to. If you are interested in collaborating on this development effort or are brave enough to try some of this stuff get in touch with me by commenting here and we can talk about it.


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