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Sphinx is pretty darn cool!

I spent much of today sphinx-ifying code – i.e. converting the docstrings in my code to a format which Sphinx can use to generate documentation. I must say, I’m impressed so far. I’ve created a hook in the documenation build for gpplib so that it auto-updates the documentation which I’m going to be hosting on my website here. Sphinx relies a lot on ReStructured Text which allows many cool things to be done such as linking and auto-referencing. Look here for a quick reference on ReST.

I tend to use C++ code almost as much as Python which makes me want to use a tool which can handle both C++ doc-strings with those from Python. Looking around a bit, there appears to be a solution in the works called Breathe. It serves as a bridge between Doxygen and Sphinx. The official documentation for Doxygen Doxyfiles can be found here.



2 thoughts on “Sphinx is pretty darn cool!

  1. Mike

    Sphinx is pretty darn terrible.

    No extensive markup. I mean: no text color! No bold and italic at the same time! No fine-tuned table control!

    Bad pdf output. Broken tables (if I span rows and columns)! Lack of control for image placement.

    I’ve tried asciidoc and can recommend it. It’s a much more mature tool (esp. when using it with asciidoctor).

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