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gpplib – glider path planning library with Python bindings

I’ve finally managed to get past the inertia to start putting together much of my research code into something I’m calling gpplibGlider Path Planning Library is what it stands for in case you were wondering, and it contains all of the path-planning algorithms which I have implemented, and possibly others if folks I collaborate with also add to it. It is going to be in super-limited alpha for now.

For now, I couldn’t resist posting a little tidbit of code to produce a small simulation of 20 glider runs being performed with random start locations on Feb 1, 2011 in the Southern Californian part of the Pacific ocean to whet people’s appetites:


And this is the output of the lines of code above:

Several glider simulations being performed with random start locations, (each in a different color). This simulation is being performed in a historical ocean current model, with ocean currents being predicted by the ROMS ocean model. The thick red line indicates an unfortunate glider which ran into land off Catalina.

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