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People Tracker – Advanced DSP Project

This a project that I worked on for my Advanced DSP (EE-586L) class along with my project partners Marc Kelly Robins and Abhay V. Nadkarni. The aim here was to locate and track people as they move within the frames being captured by a static camera. The algorithm relies on motion detection through adaptive background subtraction as well as adaptive edge-thresholding. It also uses the color statistics of clothes worn by people to uniquely identify them as well as adapting each person’s color statistics in order to accomodate for variations in illumination as they move from one part of the frame to another. You can read the report here.

  • All code was written in C using Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio.
  • Assembly code used to improve performance in some cases
  • Various algorithmic optimizations were performed to extract better real-time performance from DSP

The “People Tracker” tracks me in real-time (from an analog camera, into the DSP kit where our code was running, and then back out to the computer monitor).

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