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SshFs on OS-X for remote editing larger repositories

During a recent project I ran into the need of being able to work on a fairly large remote code-base (the Android Open Source Project). I needed a solution where I could use an editor I’ve recently grown to like a lot (Sublime Text) on this repository on my Mac. The solution I chose was to use SSHFS (Secure Shell File System) which uses Fuse4x or osxfuse (both based on MacFuse). It was very easy to install using homebrew.

Now, I can simply mount say the home directory of the remote machine locally and modify code using my favorite editor using it. SSHFS will handle syncing it.

This blog is a good one to follow if you’re interested in using sshfs. I recommend using osxfuse instead of fuse4x which the author of that blog uses though – it appeared to be more stable for me.


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