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Glider Path Planning Library – An Overview

The Glider path planning library is a collection of planning software developed for deterministic and probabilistic path planning for underwater gliders. It is best suited for path planning where there is uncertainty in predictive ocean models. I have written this code for risk-aware path planning for underwater gliders. One can easily extend this to perform path planning under a different set of domains.

Currently the directory structure for GppLib looks as follows:

Directory structure of the Glider Path Planning Library

Directory structure of the Glider Path Planning Library

1. AIS_Tools : This is a set of tools which allow for Python-based Live-AIS data collection. This depends upon libais. (Python)

2. ArvindsPlanningLibrary: This is a work-in-progress and will contain fast graph-based heuristic search algorithms. (C++)

3. DbdMatlab: Contains code for working with Glider DBD data files using Matlab. (Matlab)

4. dockserver-talk-0.1.0: This isn’t part of GppLib itself and will not be present in your release version. It is an useful software to script out programmatic interactions between code in Python and the Dockserver. To get Dockserver-Talk click here – Link. (Python)

5. Drifters: Code Stephanie was starting to develop which used gpplib to advect drifters around. (Python)

6. GameTheoreticPlanner: Code Valerio Ortenzi wrote as part of a Game-theoretic extension to GppLib. (Python)

7. gliderDataProcessing: My fork of TWR’s glider data processing code which compiles on *nix machines. It works both on the Mac and Linux as well as platforms like the Gumstix. (C/C++)

8. GliderDataPython: This contains utilities that create new mission files, analyzes Glider data files (from Ascii format) and so on. These utilities are useful to process glider data from missions conducted such that we can understand what the glider was doing while running planning experiments and so on. (Python)

9. GliderUtils: A directory which contains some general-purpose utilities for debugging problems with gliders. This isn’t strictly part of path-planning and is not in the gpplib distribution.

10. gpplib: This contains the core files for the path planning library. The planners implemented in this are: 1. Shortest Path, 2. Minimum Risk , 3. Minimum-Expected-Risk, 4. State-MDP, 5. State-Action-MDP, 6. Stationary GP-MDP and finally 7. Non-stationary GP-MDP.  There are also tons of utilities for simulating glider motion, performing interpolation of ROMS data and so on. Will discuss this in more detail later. (Python and C++)

11. GppPython: This contains most of the path-planning specific code which can create transition models for MDP planners, run instances of the planner and so on. (Python)

12. ivp_v0.1: This is Geoff Hollinger’s code which can analyze the variances in ROMS data using Interpolation Variance GPs. These variance estimates are used by our code in the NS_MDP_GP planner to produce transition models, which form the core of the MDPs. (Matlab and C++)

13. ReinforceComms: Code to perform Reinforcement learning modifications to the communication protocol used on the gliders. This will be moved out of gpplib since it doesn’t belong here.

13. RiskMaps: A few of the risk maps that I have used in my work for path planning. These are essentially cost-maps.

14. RomsMatlab: Code for pulling Roms data from JPL’s Ourocean server as well as to store it in Matlab’s .mat format for cross-platform use.




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