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About Arvind

Arvind_NewArvind is co-founder of a stealth startup focused on building innovative products that will use Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize a market segment. Previously, he was lead data scientist, and senior software engineer (R&D) at Clover Network Inc in Mountain View, CA. He earned his PhD in Computer Science in December 2013 from the University of Southern California (USC). Earlier, he graduated with his Masters in Electrical Engineering at the Viterbi school of Engineering, USC. Prior to this, he worked at the National Institute of Oceanography in India as a Research Fellow and was part of the team that developed the MAYA AUV – India’s first indigenously developed Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for scientific purposes.

His research involves the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in making autonomous robots behave more intelligently. Although he is an expert at marine robotics; much of his research is also applicable to more general problems in robotics and AI. He is motivated in applying his core-expertise toward building more intelligent products (robotic/mobile/cloud-based systems). Since joining Clover he has also developed expertise in Near Field Communication (NFC) based payment methods, and helped overcome problems associated with SNR degradation during NFC through LCD touchscreens. Beside contributions to NFC in the award-winning Clover Mobile and the Clover Mini products, he has also been responsible for the development of all the integrated barcode-scanning solutions in Clover’s product lines. His latest research projects at Clover involve developing novel methods for secure data entry on touchscreen devices including methods for visually impaired impaired individuals to securely enter their PIN during payment transactions. He enjoys building robots, and other fun things. He built a mobile self-checkout robotic helper during one of Clover’s hackathons.

His areas of interest are robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning.