Deb and Andrew's Photo Album
April 2001

Including a guided tour of Santa Monica, and our Easter trip to Red Rocks Canyon, Nevada.

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Our block of flats, behind the trees.  You walk down the side to get to our apartment. (Our car isn't visible, but it looks like the white one on the left.) View of LA, taken from the Getty.  The obvious skyscrapers are Beverley Hills.  Downtown LA's skyscrapers are a blur on the horizon, halfway between BH and the left side of the picture.
Our courtyard.  The window behind the banana palms is our living room. Santa Monica Promenade, our local shopping centre.  It's rather like Bourke St. Mall, with lots of buskers, cinemas and Japanese restaurants.
The living room.  The computer has moved and been replaced by a TV! Santa Monica beach, taken from the end of our street (we're 9 blocks inland).
The kitchen and dining room, which are sort of an extension of the living room - it's all one big space.  There's a bouganvillia outside the window. Santa Monica Pier has a funpark, and on the beach is a grown-ups' playground, where muscley people work out on monkeybars, old folks play chess, and twenty-somethings play volleyball.
Friends: Richard, Jakob, Brian, Lena and Charlotta at Esben's birthday dinner. Harvard Westlake middle school, where Deb will start teaching in September.
Andrew and Brian try to go climbing, but find the walk-in a bit of a struggle (February) Harvard Westlake cafeteria, where teachers eat their free lunches either on the verandah or down in the sunshine.
The Getty museum, which looks down over Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  Deb visits it quite often.


Striped sandstone mountains: Dave, Brian and Deb in at Red Rocks Canyon, Mojave ("Mo-har-vay") desert, Nevada, near Las Vegas.  The striped sandstone mountains are huge.  There is a faultline separating them from the snowy limestone mountains behind. Andrew on a Red Rock.  This is the rock behind Deb in the photo on the left.
Cold campground: Deb, Dave and Brian trying not to freeze in the desert sunshine! First Creek canyon: the cliff is much bigger than it looks.  See the squareish black patch at the base of the white cliff, about 3/4 across the photo?  Andrew and friends spent all day climbing on just that patch.  It's huge.
Mojave desert at sunset: this was taken near the Valley of Fire.  The lake is an arm of the water dammed by the Hudson (below). The rather intimidating route to the black patch involved scrambling all the way along the ledge halfway up the photo.  A wild sheep played on the shelf below, halfway down to the red part.
The Hudson Dam, which supplies multiple states with water and electricity.  It dams the Colorado river, after it has passed through the Grand Canyon. The same cliff.  If you look carefully you'll see Brian climbing the black patch on the right, 1/3 of the way up.