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Robot tutors can provide effective supplemental support in the education of young children through delivering and engaging them in developmental materials and drills. However, no two children learn in exactly the same way. Personalization of instruction is a necessary component to reach a child’s full learning potential. It is an important and significant challenge to enable a robot tutor to customize its interaction and material to an individual child’s learning style. This work applies machine learning to personalize a robot tutor’s teaching style for young children over multiple, repeated interactions. This ongoing project is part of the Socially Assistive Robotics NSF Expeditions grant and centers around one of the Interaction Lab’s main research areas: Long-Term Adaptation.


This work is supported by the NSF Expeditions in Computing grant for "Socially Asistive Robotics". NSF IIS-1139148. Project website here.


Caitlyn E. Clabaugh: clabaugh at usc dot edu