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Here we are carving pumpkins for Halloween 1995.
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts.
From left to right: Dani, Miguel, Pablo, Maja, Barry.

In costume on April Fools Day 1996: entertaining our freshman class after a difficult midterm.
Location: Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass.
From left to right: Barry, Deva, Maja, Dani.

Be kind: robots have feelings too.

Here we are at an end-of-year get-together, Spring 1997.
Location: Cambridge, Mass.
From left to right: Dani, Barry, Francois, Maja, Rich.

No, Dani does not always dress like this.
He's just on his way to a retro-dress disco party.
Spring 1997.

Yup, still on his way to the same party.