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The Interaction Lab was established in 1995, by Maja Mataric', to investigate control and learning in mobile robots and multi-robot systems. The Lab was founded in the Volen Center for Complex Systems at Brandeis University, as a part of the Computer Science Department. In Fall 1997, the Lab moved to the University of Southern California. It is now part of the Viterbi School of Enginering Computer Science Department, the USC Robotics Research Lab, and of The Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems (CRES).

In May/June 2005, the lab moved into the new Ronald Tutor Hall (RTH) of Engineering, Room 423. As the Interaction Lab has grown and matured, its focus of study has also evolved. Currently, the work is focused on socially assistive robotics, spanning problem areas including human-robot interaction (HRI), human-robot team interaction, human activity modeling, imitation learning and teaching, and therapeutic and educational uses of socially assistive robots. Please follow the links below to find more about the Interaction Lab.

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