CS 445 Introduction to Robotics - Fall 2013

Instructor: Amin Atrash
Email: atrash@usc
Office: RTH 423
Office Hours: TBA

TA: Farhad Pourtaran
Email: TBA
Office: VHE 205
Office Hours: During Lab Session

Lecture: M/W 3:30-4:50
Lab Session: M: 6:00-8:50 or T: 5:00-7:50

Description: The objective of this course is to use a hands-on approach to introduce the basic concepts in robotics, focusing on mobile robots and illustrations of current state of the art research and applications. Course information will be tied to lab experiments; students will work in teams to build and test increasingly more complex LEGO-based mobile robots, culminating in an end-of-semester robot contest.
Textbook: The Robotics Primer by Maja Mataric
Optional Textbook: Robotics Explorations: An Introduction to Engineering Through Design by F. Martin