P2OS-0.2.0 release

We are pleased to announce the second release of the p2os stack. This release is intended to operate with the cturtle release of ROS, though we believe it will also work with the boxturtle and unstable releases without issue.

This release includes the following features and bugfixes:

* lowered loop rate of publisher
* made publisher node publish continuous joint values so that whole model shows up in rviz
* added sonar rim for p3dx
* added launch file for pioneer3dx in gazebo
* actuatable pioneer3dx in gazebo
* masses may not be right
* inertial values are total guesses

* p2os_dashboard: fixed motorstatesub so that it subscribes to correct topic
* put robot_monitor button back into p2os_dashboard

* fixed diagnostics so that sensors show up in correct category
* added teleop_keyboard.launch to control a pioneer with a keyboard. This launch file depends on the pr2_teleop package. Updated the default key for run mode in teleop_joy.launch.
* added example launch files for diagnostic aggregator
* updated launch file tree. added launch file for sicklms.

* added diagnostic support to p2os_driver
* added status messages for stall and voltage
* diagnosed publisher on batt topic
* added header to batt msg (probably will remove later)
* hwid from name, type, subtype of pioneer