How to reinstall the USC Base Station

ROS + PR2 Training Workshop PR2 Basestation and Robot Setup

1.Use recovery DVD to reinstall basestation (put dvd in drive and reboot)

2.Plug the basestation service port (on the PCI card) into the robot service port.

3.In the remainder of the tutorial, replace as follows: "BASE_NAME" => usc-base "ROBOT_NAME" => pr1009 "C1_NAME" => pr1009 "C2_NAME" => pr1009s

4.Your sysadmin will need to know about 3 network interfaces (basestation wan0, robot wan0, and wireless client w10 or w11). (Note: unless the lab's router has to be re-done as well, you can skip this step)

    a) Use ifconfig to Find the macaddress (Hwaddr) for the following 2 interfaces: basestation: wan0 (Will eventually get 3 static IP addresses) c1:wan0 (Will eventually get 1 DHCP address)

    b) Use the web interface (Go to: to find the Hwaddr of the wireless client: NOTE: We will connect using w11, but depending on the wireless in your lab you may be using w10 instead. They have different Hwaddresses.

    c) Email Dave, your “sysadmin” ( and request: 3 IP addresses for the basestation interface. Let your sysadmin know all 3 of these IP addresses will have the same Hwaddr – the one for basestation: wan0. We will refer to these as "BASE_IP", "C1_IP", and "C2_IP". A DNS entry for "BASE_NAME" pointing to the first IP ( A DNS entry for "C1_IP" pointing to the second IP ( A DNS entry for "C2_IP" pointing to the third IP ( DHCP access on the wired network using the c1 wan0 Hwaddr Wireless and DHCP access on the wireless network using the wireless client Hwaddr.

5.Edit: /etc/hosts to contain: localhost BASE_NAME.robotlab BASE_NAME BASE_NAME.robotlab BASE_NAME ... "C1_NAME" "C2_NAME" Note: in your lab should instead be, etc.

6.Edit: /etc/hostname to contain: BASE_NAME

7.Set up your networking:

    a) Edit /etc/network/interfaces. Replace with the IP address provided to you for BASE_NAME (BASE_IP is # The primary network interface auto wan0 iface wan0 inet static address netmask gateway post-up robot-forward start pre-down robot-forward stop ...

    b) Edit /etc/resolv.conf:

    domain robotlab

    search robotlab


NOTE: On your network you will use your own appropriate DNS server. 

8.Reboot the basestation.

9.Set up the vpn server pr2admin@basestation

     $ sudo /etc/openvpn/gen_server_key

10.Set up the robot wireless ( (Should not need to be re-done unless wireless AP is being replaced)

    a) Change the wireless client to: “linksys_uber”

    b) Change the WPA key to the asimov server passwd

    c) In the upper right hand corner, you should see it get a “WAN IP” on the subnet

11.Brand your robot: base station

     sudo robot-brand "ROBOT_NAME" "C1_NAME" "C2_NAME"

12.Set up IP forwarding. Edit /etc/robot-forward.conf:

    "C1_NAME" "C1_IP" "C2_NAME" "C2_IP"

13.Turn on IP forwarding:

    pr2admin@basestation$ sudo robot-forward start

14.Verify your robot works.



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