Getting Started with OIT

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  • A working camera compatible with ROS camera drivers. We will not provide support for setting up cameras in ROS.

Installing the Overlay

  • the ROS overlay will be made available soon
  • Update the ros package and stack lists:

rosstack profile && rospack profile

Compiling the Code

  • Build the entire OIT stack using rosmake:

rosmake OIT --rosdep-install

Testing Overview

  1. Start roscore
  2. roscore

  3. Start camera node(s)
  4. roslaunch OIT/launch overhead_cam.launch

  5. Mount the camera in a fixed position
  6. Calibrate the camera image, if necessary
  7. Start the checkerboard / ARTag finder
  8. rosrun checkerboard checkerboard image:=/overhead_cam/image_raw camera_info:=/overhead_cam/camera_info

  9. Run floor_align to calibrate the camera position with respect to the ground plane, if necessary, and publish the calibration transform
  10. rosrun floor_align floor_align _target_thickness:=0.0127

  11. Publish the transform /robot/base_link -> /robot/ir_link
  12. rosrun tf static_transform_publisher /robot/base_link /robot/ir_link or modify the appropriate section of OIT/launch/static_transforms.launch

  13. Run ir_finder to locate the blobs and publish the transform /camera_link -> /ir_link
  14. roslaunch OIT/launch ir_finder.launch