Ethercat Motors Error

If the motors are halting, it might not be a power problem. The PR2 motors can "halt" and go into a lockout state when they lose communication or discover an error condition. If your circuit breakers were tripping, you'd have to re-enable the power board with the pr2_dashboard, then reset the motors. The reason this is happening more is because WG changed the "late packet timeout" in the 1.2.2 release of pr2_ethercat_drivers. They did this to reduce control loop jitter, but this meant that the motors would lock out after just 5ms of late or dropped packets, down from 100ms. There is any easy work around. You can change the packet drop timeout manually in your /etc/ros/robot.launch file. I'd recommend changing it to 20000 (microseconds). A tutorial for it is here:

solution for the ethercat motors halting error