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Violent Agreement Amongst Systems and Software Engineers

DeWitt T. Latimer IV


DeWitt T. Latimer IV. "Violent Agreement Amongst Systems and Software Engineers". To appear in 6th Annual Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER 2008), Apr 2008. Paper #174.


Recent discussions of how to integrate systems and software engineers begs the question to define the difference between these two disciplines. The disciplines of electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering do not seem to be engaged in this discussion. By performing some basic lexical analysis between the published bodies of knowledge, we observe that software engineers and systems engineers use similar, but not identical concepts to describe their discipline of expertise. Through lexical analysis, systems and software engineering seem more similar to each other than to civil engineering. In the end, the differences in systems and software engineering are concluded to be one where the two disciplines are in violent agreement on the principles, but differ in exact utilization of concepts.


engineering lexical body of knowledge


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