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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southern California (USC), working together with Gaurav S. Sukhatme in the Robotic Embedded Systems Lab (RESL).

My research focuses on developing algorithms and representations to enable robots to learn versatile manipulation skills over time. The ability to learn skills and adapt manipulations to new situations will open up a wide range of new robot applications, including taking care of the elderly, maintaining parks and public places, and assisting in hazardous environments. I have developed methods for robots to learn about objects through physical interactions and improve their skills autonomously using reinforcement learning. I have also proposed representations for capturing various aspects of manipulations, e.g., contact states and motor primitives, to generalize them between different scenarios and skills. As a postdoc, I have been supervising five graduate students on projects related to tactile sensing and skill monitoring. The ultimate goal of my research is to develop a life-long learning framework for robots to acquire manipulation skills.

I completed my Ph.D. in computer science at the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt with Jan Peters in 2014. I was a finalist for the 2015 Georges Giralt Ph.D. Award for the best robotics Ph.D. thesis in Europe. I received my Master's degree in engineering from the University of Cambridge in 2008.

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Publications at RESL:

  • 2017

    • Journal Papers

      • Oliver Kroemer and Jan Peters. "A Comparison of Autoregressive Hidden Markov Models for Multi-Modal Manipulations with Variable Masses". In IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2017. (Details)
      • Oliver Kroemer, Simon Leischnig, Stefan Luettgen and Jan Peters. "A Kernel-based Approach to Learning Contact Distributions for Robot Manipulation Tasks". Accepted Autonomous Robots, 2017. (Details)
    • Conference Papers

      • Karol Hausman, Yevgen Chebotar, Oliver Kroemer, Gaurav S. Sukhatme and Stefan Schaal. "Regrasping using Tactile Perception and Supervised Policy Learning". In AAAI Symposium on Interactive Multi-Sensory Object Perception for Embodied Agents (AAAI), Mar 2017. (Details)
      • Oliver Kroemer and Gaurav S. Sukhatme. "Feature Selection for Learning Versatile Manipulation Skills based on Observed and Desired Trajectories". In International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2017. (Details)
  • 2016

    • Conference Papers

      • Yevgen Chebotar, Karol Hausman, Zhe Su, Artem Molchanov, Oliver Kroemer, Gaurav S. Sukhatme and Stefan Schaal. "BiGS: BioTac Grasp Stability Dataset". In ICRA 2016 Workshop on Grasping and Manipulation Datasets , 2016. (Details)
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