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Current Grants

NSF GARDE grant for "Infant-Robot Interaction as an Early Intervention Strategy ", with Prof. Beth Smith (co-PI), NSF CBET-1706964.

NSF NRI grant for "NRI: Socially Aware, Expressive, and Personalized Mobile Remote Presence: Co-Robots as Gateways to Access to K-12 In-School Education", with Prof. Gigi Ragusa (co-PI), NSF /sponsors/nri-kids/" class="contact-link">IIS-1528121.

NSF CRI Collaborative grant for "CI-New: Collaborative Research: A Modular Platform for Enabling Computing Research in Intelligent Human-Robot Interaction", a collaborative grant with Prof. Mark Yim at U Penn, NSF CNS-1513275.

NSF Expeditions in Computing grant for "Socially Asistive Robotics". NSF IIS-1139148.

NSF NRI grant for "NRI: Small: Spatial Primitives for Enabling Situated Human-Robot Interaction". NSF (NRI) /?l=Research:Projects:spatial_primitives:index" class="contact-link">IIS-1208500.

NSF grant for NSF grant for "Advanced Content in Computational Engineering and Science Standards for Teachers: A Research Experience for Teachers Site (USC ACCESS4Teachers)", with Prof. Gigi Ragusa (co-PI). June 2014-May 2017, NSF CNS-1407371.

DARPA grant as subcontract to AnthroTronix for "Design of Robot Control Interfaces". DARPA /?l=Research:Projects:droid:index" class="contact-link">SB12A-002 W31P4Q-12-C-0190.

NSF Research Experience for Teaching supplements to most current NSF grants, annually, to support our K-12 outreach details. Projects found /k-12/index.html" class="contact-link">here.

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates supplements to most current NSF grants, annually, to support undergraduate research. The list of REU students is found /?l=Laboratory:People:alumni#und" class="contact-link">here.

Past Grants

NSF grant for "SHB: Small: Socially Assistive Human-Machine Interaction for Improved Compliance and Health Outcomes". ?l=Research:Projects:wellness:index" class="contact-link">IIS-1117279.

ONR MURI grant for "ANTIDOTE: Adaptive Networks for Threat and Intrusian Detection Or Termination", with Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme (PI), Manuela Veloso, Jodi Forlizi, and Howie Choset (CMU), Daniela Rus (MIT), and Vijay Kumar (U Penn), (co-PIs). ONR MURI N00014-09-1-1031. Project page here.

NSF EAGER grant for "Studying the Dynamics of In Home Adoption of Socially Assistive Robot Companions for the Elderly", with Prof. Liz Zelinski (co-PI) and Prof. Shinyi Wu (co-PI), NSF /?l=Research:Projects:eager:index" class="contact-link">CBET-1548502.

ONR DURIP grant for "Acquisition of a Personal Robotic Platform for DoD-Sponsored Research in Human-Robot Interaction, Motor Control, and Perception," with Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme (PI), and Prof. Stefan Schaal (co-PI), ONR DURIP N000141210729. Project page here.

NSF grant for "ITEST: Collaborative Research: Maximizing Mentor Effectiveness in Increasing Student Interest and Success in STEM: An Empirical Approach Employing Robotics Competitions", in collaboration with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) and the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics (KIPR). NSF DRL-1139415. Project page here.

NSF HCC-Medium grant for "Personalized Socially-Assistive Human-Robot Interaction: Applications to Autism Spectrum Disorder", with Prof. Shri Narayanan (co-PI). NSF IIS-0803565. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:hcc:index" class="contact-link">here.

NSF CRI grant for "CRI: IAD - Computing Research Infrastructure for Human-Robot Interaction and Socially Assistive Robotics" with Prof. Shri Narayanan (co-PI), Stefan Schaal (co-PI), Gaurav Sukhatme (co-PI), and Carolee Winstein (co-PI). NSF CNS-0709296. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:cri:index" class="contact-link">here.

USC CTSI Multidisciplinary Research Project grant for "Active NAO! Combating Childhood Obesity with Robot Companions", with Prof. Donna Spruijt-Metz (PI). Project page ?l=Research:Projects:exercise_buddy:index" class="contact-link">here.

NSF grant for "Societally Relevant Engineering Technologies Research: A Research Experience for Teachers Site (SRET-RET)", with Prof. Gigi Ragusa (co-PI). NSF EEC-0909243. Project page here.

Google CS4HS grant for "USC CSMARTS in LA: Computer Science Mentorship for the Advancement of Teachers and Students in Los Angeles", with Prof. Gigi Ragusa (PI).

DoD grant for "PATRICIA: A Personal Affective Therapist for Rehabilitation of Individuals with Cognitive Impairments". Developing and testing cell-phone-based coaching of running/walking exercise. In collaboration with Intelligent Automation. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:patricia:index" class="contact-link">here.

NSF grant for "HRI :Personalized Assistive Human-Robot Interaction: Validation in Socially Assistive Robotics for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation", with Prof. Carolee Winstein (co-PI). NSF IIS-0713697. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:post_stroke:index" class="contact-link">here.

Willow Garage two year loan of a PR2 robot as one of 12 selected sites for the PR2 Beta program, June 2010 to June 2012, with with Profs. Stefan Schaal and Gaurav Sukhatme. Project page here.

AnthroTronix, Inc. grant for "Using Robotics to Promote Social Cognitive Skills in the Inclusive Classroom," Feb 2011 to Jul 2011. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:robot_motivator:index" class="contact-link">here.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant for "Using Physical and Virtual Robots to Increase the Effectiveness of Health Games to Encourage Physical Activity", Sep 2009 to Aug 2011. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:robot_motivator:index" class="contact-link">here.

NSF Major Research Infrastructure grant for a "Humanoid Robot for Human-Centered Robotics Research" with Profs. Stefan Schaal, Gaurav Sukhatme, and Laurent Itti. NSF MRI 0619937.

Dan Marino Foundation grant through the Marino Autism Research Institute (MARI) for research into socially assistive robotics as a potential tool for diagnosis, intervention, and therapy of autism spectrum disorders, 2010 - present. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:sar_autism:index" class="contact-link">here.

USC Provost's Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CIR) grant for "Robotics and Society." This internal USC grant supports societally relevant robotics research.

USC Institute for Creative Technologies grant for "Foundations of Human-Robot Interaction: Study of Embodiment, Body Language, and Interaction". This internal USC grant supports socially assistive human-robot interaction research focused on embodied communication, social monitoring, and affect generation and perception.

DARPA LANdroids grant for "ARTeMUS: Agile Robot Teams for Mobile Networking in Urban Settings" in collaboration with Intelligent Automation, Inc., Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Texas at Austin. Project page here.

National Academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI) grant for "Socially Assistive Robotics for the Physical and Cognitive Healthspan", in collaboration with Prof. Caleb (Tuck) Finch and Southern California Presbyterian Homes. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:sar_dementia:index2" class="contact-link">here.

National Institute for Aging pilot grant for ``Assessing Socially Assistive Robotics as Social and Cognitive Aides For the Elderly'', in collaboration with Prof. Margie Gatz. Project page ?l=Research:Projects:sar_dementia:index2" class="contact-link">here.

LA Basin Clinical and Translational Science Institute Pilot Grant for ``Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Robotics for Enhancing DIR/FLoortime Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder", in collaboration with Prof. Shri Narayanan, Dr. Michele Kipke, Dr. Clara Lajonchere, and Prof. Peter Mundy. Project page here.

Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation grant for "Socially Assistive Robotics for Socialization and Communication Training of Children with Autism", in collaboration with AGRE and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Prof. Shri Narayanan, and Prof. Peter Mundy.Project page here.

NSF HSD grant for "Collaborative Research: Dynamics of Human Behavior - Modeling and Analyzing Individual and Collective Human Spatial Behavior" in collaboration with Prof. Robert Sekuler at Brandeis University and Prof. Kristina Lerman at ISI. NSF BCS-0527725. Project page nsfhsd/" class="contact-link">here.

USC NIH Alzheimer Disease Research Center (ADRC) for "Assessing Socially Assistive Robotics as Social and Cognitive Aides for the Elderly", 2007-08, NIA P50 AG005142. For more details see ?l=Research:Projects:sar_dementia:index" class="contact-link">here.

NSF IIS grant for "Automated Synthesis of Distributed Systems" with K. Lerman (ISI)

Okawa Foundation grant for "Helpful Interaction: Goal-Directed Assistive Robotics." Project page ?l=Research:Projects:overview_ahri" class="contact-link">here.

JPL Strategic University Research Partnership Director's Research and Development Fund (DRDF) grant for "Adaptive Human-Machine Interfaces for Collaborative Construction" with Terry Huntsberger. For more details see ?l=Research:Projects:behavior_learning:index" class="contact-link">here.

ONR MURI grant for "Human Activity Recognition From a Network of Vision Sensors'', with J. Malik (PI, UCB), D. Forsyth (UCB), J. Canny (UCB), S. Russell (UCB), P. Perona (Caltech), and C. Bregler (NYU).

DOE RIM grant for "Multi-Robot Learning in Tightly-Coupled, Inherently Cooperative Tasks", with G. Sukhatme.

DARPA grant for "Mathematical Modeling of Large Multi-Agent Systems" (joint with Dr. K. Lerman).

NSF ITR grant "Active Sensor Networks with Applications to Marine Microorganism Monitoring", with A. Requicha, G. Sukhatme, D. Caron, and D. Estrin (UCLA).

DARPA Grant for "Acquisition of Autonomous Behaviors by Robotic Assistants'', MARS Robotic Vision 2020 Program, PI: Maja MataricĀ“, three years, starting Aug 2002.

DARPA Grant for "Heterogenous Small-Team Behaviors for Mobile Robots in Outdoor Environments'', MARS Robotic Vision 2020 Program, PI: Gaurav Sukhatme, co-PI: M. MataricĀ“, two years, starting Sep 2002.

A renewal for NSF grant for "Dynamic Adaptive Wireless Networks with Autonomous Robot Nodes", with Deborah Estrin, Gaurav Sukhatme, Ramesh Govindan, and John Heidemann.

DARPA Grant for "Software for Distributed Robotics", Software for Ditributed Robotics (SDR) Program, PI: Gaurav Sukhatme, co-PIs: Maja Mataric and Milind Tambe, 2 years, starting Jun 17, 2002.

DARPA grant for "A Software Framework for Reliable, Adaptive, Autonomous Robots in Dynamic Unstructured Environments" (joint with Gaurav Sukhatme and George Bekey). Part of the DARPA Mobile Autonomous Robot Software (MARS) Program.

DARPA grant for "Primitive-Based Humanoid Control'', part of the DARPA Mobile Autonomous Robot Software (MARS) Program.

ONR DURIP (Defence University Research Instrumentation Program) grant for "Equipment Support for Dynamic Adaptive Wireless Networks with Autonomous Robot Nodes", (joint with Deborah Estrin and Gaurav Sukhatme)

NSF CAREER grant "CAREER: Using Imitation to Study Multi-Representational System", NSF Knowledge and Cognitive Systems program.

ONR grant for "Biologically-Inspired Methods for Adaptive Group Coordination"

ONR grant for "Automated Synthesis of Multi-Agent Control"

NSF Research Infrastructure grant for "Acquisition of Research Infrastructure for Autonomous Robotics" (joint with Jordan Pollack)

DARPA contract for "Intelligent taskable system colonies with learning for small unit operations" (joint with George Bekey and Gaurav Sukhatme)

DARPA contract for "Robust Tactical Mobile Robot Systems With Distributed Intelligence" (joint with George Bekey and Gaurav Sukhatme)

DARPA grant for "TEAMCORE: Rapidly Extending and Building Agents to Form Robust Adaptive Teams" (ISI contract, with Milind Tambe and Wei-Min Shen)

NASA Supplementary Equipment grant for "Neurotechnology-Based Multi-Agent Systems"

Sandia National Labs grant for "Characterizing Emergent Group Behavior in Robots Using Statistical Methods".

NASA/JPL grant for "Multi-Robot Coordination in Planar Manipulation Tasks".

NSF grant for "Dynamic Adaptive Wireless Networks with Autonomous Robot Nodes", with Deborah Estrin, Gaurav Sukhatme, Ramesh Govindan, and John Heidemann.