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Robots have become crucial in many diverse fields ranging from rehabilitation to manufacturing while some are designated to follow simple commands. Our robot will be programmed to follow a designated individual and avoid obstacles simultaneously. The robot's programming will be created through C++ and shall be simulated in ROS (Robot Operating System).

Our robot will be part of our research project as incoming freshmen at USC in conjunction with the CED (Center for Engineering Diversity) Summer Institute Program of 2011.

Robot Proxemics

The ultimate goal of the research project is to advance the study of proxemics pertaining to robotics. The robot is able to follow a human counterpart while avoiding objects and staying at a socially exceptable distance from both its target human and any obstacles it encounters. Using the Xbox 360 Kinect, the robot can sense the environment around it in a way that allows it to accomplish the tasks at hand. Proportional control is used to facilitate smooth, fluid, and dynamic movement of the robot both as it is tracking its human subject and avoiding obstacles in the process.



SWAGDADDY simulation in ROS


Example video of simulation of robot following person:

Demonstration of the robot following a person:

CED Engineering Presentation:


Support for this research was provided by David Feil-Seifer, Ross Mead, and Dr. Eric Wade.

In addition, the following sources were used to complete this project:


Christina Ramsey : cramsey at usc dot edu
David Cox: davidcox at usc dot edu
Carlos Cifuentes: ccifuent at usc dot edu
Daniel Flamenco: flamencod at yahoo dot com