This project is a collaboration between the Interaction Lab and Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) to reduce pain and anxiety in children (aged 4-12) who are receiving an intravenous (IV) line. From the medical literature, we know that IV placement is the most common cause of pain and distress in children’s hospitals. Working with Dr. Margaret Trost and Child Life specialists at CHLA, we developed a robot buddy (the Maki robot platform: renamed “IVEY”) as a potential intervention to reduce negative outcomes.

Phase 1 (complete): We performed a preliminary data collection to observe Child Life specialists in order to identify coping strategies and age-appropriate language used to describe the painful/stressful experience. This data collection informed the eventual design and script for IVEY.

Phase 2 (ongoing): We are currently enrolling patients in a randomized controlled trial comparing (1) IVEY acting as distraction only; playing a dress-up game (2) IVEY using coping techniques and empathy (FIGURE 1) to potentially provide a more meaningful child-robot interaction and (3) no robot. In all three conditions Child Life specialists are present. Multiple outcome data are collected, including the child’s opinion about the utility of each design component. This will allow future work to focus on adapting the interaction to become personalized to the user and potentially more effective.