School Visits/Assemblies

Public Demos

Lab Tours

We provide a limited number of tours in order to minimize disruptions to students, research, and neighboring labs. If you are interested in arranging a tour for you group, please contact our coordinator, Thomas Groechel ( with the following information:

  • Group affiliation
  • Age distribution of group
  • Size of group
  • Prefered tour date (be sure to let us know how flexible this is!)
  • Prefered duration (15 minutes - 1 hour)
  • Prefered time (we may not be able to accommodate this, but will do our best; please provide a reasonable range you can work with.

Due to our limited resources, we do not do tours for individuals or families. If your group is too large (~25+), we may have to split you up into two or more separate tours that may or may not be possible on the same date. The more flexible you are, the more easily we can schedule your tour.

Our PhD students offer these tours on a volunteer basis. They are very busy with research so please excuse any delays in response. We will get back to you, but be sure to contact us early!

In order to maximize the number of people who can come see our work, the robotics researchers at USC also hold a free, day-long USC Robotics Open House during the National Robotics Week.

K-12 STEM Materials

Please see here for our K-12 STEM materials.

Please see here for additional robot kit information.