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We are using behavior-based principles to develop algorithms for flexible, robust, and scalable multi-robot spatial formations using only local sensing and control.

Formations, which are an instance of the general distributed multi-robot coordination problem, have the goal of N mobile robots establishing and maintaining some predetermined geometric shape.

We have devised a simple, general, robust, localized, behavior-based algorithm that solves the problem for N robots each equipped with sonar, laser, camera, and a radio link for communicating with other robots. The method uses the idea of keeping a single friend at a desired angle (by panning the camera and keeping the friend centered in the image), and only communicating heart-beat messages. We also developed a general analytical method for evaluating formations and applied it to our algorithm. We validated our algorithm in terms of stability and robustness both in simulation and with physical robots.


Go here to see a large library of formation videos.


We have also developed a GUI for direct user interaction with robot formations. Details about the GUI and associated videos are found here

Relevant Publications

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