K-12 STEM Education Materials

Programming Workbook:

Prof. Mataric', Nathan Koenig, and David Feil-Seifer have developed a free robotics programming workbook with illustrated exercises and solutions, available on the web: http://roboticsprimer.sourceforge.net. The workbook exercises are designed for the low-cost iRobot Create and Roomba platforms. The workbook provides three different programming environments and a variety of add-on sensor options. The workbook is a stand-alone generally accessible resource for students at all levels (university and K-12), educators (university and K-12) and hobbyists. It is written to dovetail with "The Robotics Primer" by Prof. Maja J Mataric', 2007, MIT Press; The Primer is an introductory textbook written in an approachable style for the same audience. The book web site is found here.