5th-7th grade summer robotics class
(Developed by Emily Williams)

The K-12 outreach work on this award has been supported in part through an RET supplement. The funds allowed for setting up and providing ongoing support for a program for 5th- 8th graders at South Pasadena Middle School (SPMS). SPMS teachers Mr. Whitman and Mrs. Williams continued to develop and enhance a new curriculum for the summer robotics program supported by the South Pasadena Education Foundation (SPEF). The teachers undertook 20 hours of intensive course planning and training, in preparation for teaching robotics during the summer. The goal of training the teachers was to prepare new hands-on robotics activities that teach standards-relevant concepts from physics, mathematics, and programming, in a novel setting that captures student interest and excitement for learning. The teachers also worked with the PI's graduate students at USC to expand their knowledge of robotics and apply their knowledge of K-12 testing standards in order to further develop the SPUSD robotics courses. In June-July 2011, the teachers delivered two summer robotics courses that taught students to design, build, and program robots using Lego NXT kits at the middle school level.
Robotics Course Summary: [doc]
Robotics Course Slides: [ppt]