There was a Brandeis Irani
Whose oft-mispronounced name was Dani
He hunched over his screen
So his mirth wouldn't be seen
And typed "That Frank-wah's really funny!"
-- by Barry Werger

Frank-ois was a Quebec-ois guy
Whose muscles make other men shy
He whispered when he'd done
Thirty reps of a ton
"If I had to run fifteen minutes I'd die!"
-- by Barry Werger

Richard was printing a file
but all that came out was bile
With a gripe and a grouse
he threw Em'rald's mouse
and uttered some phrases quite vile.
-- by Barry Werger

Maja stuck her head in the door
and saw Elmer asleep on the floor
She said to the boor
to whom she was giving a tour
"This is our programmer du jour."
-- by Barry Werger

There was a Brandeisian named Barry
Who oft his robots did carry
To where? one knows
For what? ...put on shows
In which the robots do marry.
-- by Dani Goldberg

old ladies of Texas
tell stories of panhandle goats...
dry, skinny, much like themselves,
these animals have cactus spines
in their leathery noses. Do they
give up their bearing to calcium
flows? No, only wool...
old Dani's of Newton
tell stories of Chung Do Kwan
fierce, flexible, forceful,
much like themselves,
these martial moores have bruises
between their webby fingers and toes.
Do they protect one from a nasty fall?
They wear bright white.
-- by Barry Werger