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We are developing a small humanoid torso robot for a variety of research projects in the Interaction Lab, including humanoid control and learning, and human-robot interaction and learning.


Degrees of Freedom (22 Total):

6 DOF Arms (x2)
1 DOF Gripping Hands (x2)
2 DOF Pan/Tilt Neck
2 DOF Pan/Tilt Waist
1 DOF Expressive Eyebrows
3 DOF Expressive Mouth


Hitec HS-5245MG Digital Servo (x14)
HS-5645MG Digital Servo (x4)
HS-5735MG Digital Servo (x5)

Early Development

Development models showing all parts assembled, less hands and head.
The arms are constructed using 12 parts each, shown ready for prototyping.
Main body components. Shows detail on the interior of the body shell.

Fabricated Parts:

Partially assembled torso/arms along with digital servo "muscles".
Another view of the partially assembled humanoid.

Hand and Head Development

Two views of the hand currently being developed.
Model of how the hands will appear when assembled onto the arms.
Early Models of the head design from artist Steve Curcuru

Complete Humanoid

Living Creatures

Developed by Nathan Miller at Living Creatures. Click here for more recent shots of the robot.